Welcome to my blog! I regularly post nonacademic articles here about language and linguistics, including fun facts about world languages, introductions of components in my research, language learning notes, and so on. I occasionally also post nonlinguistic stuff about my life, such as books I read and movies I watch. You are welcome to suggest new topics to me too (check out my suggestion page).

Modern linguistics is a subject that lies at the crossroads of humanities and natural sciences. I am especially fascinated by the diverse grammatical rules and patterns employed by natural languages, which I believe are a window into the complexity and intricacy of the human mind. For my academic publications please visit my home page.

I have named my blog I-Yuwen because yu3wen2 (語文) means “language and script” in Mandarin Chinese, so I-Yuwen well reflects the theme of this blog: my personal stories with language and script. Incidentally, the name is also homophonous with the Mandarin phrase ai4yu3wen2 (愛語文), which means “love language and script.” Hope you will love them more after reading my blog!😃

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